LEARN TO SKATE summer camps


Multiple Week Pricing:
1 week $355; 2 weeks $692.25; 3 weeks $1029.50; 4 weeks $1366.75

Full Day - $355. (multiple week discount on Full day ONLY) (NO Sibling Discounts) 
Half Day - $255. AM(8:45 - 11:45) or PM(12:00-3:00) 
Early drop off -
(7:30am) $75 wk. 
Aftercare Program -
(3:00-4:30pm) $75wk. 
Lunch and Snack -
$75 (Sign up on first day of camp at Tony Locos Cafe). $20 (Half day am snack only) 

Our camp is designed for boys and girls ages 5 to 12, from no experience through our freestyle levels. It’s a great introduction to ice skating in a fun and supportive environment. No ice skating experience necessary. The children learn to skate in small groups through games and activities.
All children will be divided into groups according to their skill level. 

Beginner Classes - Emphasis on feeling comfortable on the ice while gaining balance and control. Introduction to forward marching, snowplow stops, 1 and 2 foot glides, forward and backward swizzles and wiggles. 
Intermediate Classes - For skaters who have completed Basic 3 or who have achieved the items in the beginner level. This level will focus on stroking, forward and backward crossovers and be introduced to jumping, spinning, lunges, spirals and introductory to Synchro. 
Advanced Classes - For Freestyle Skaters. Elements will include Spins, Jumps, Spirals, moves in the field & Synchro. Off ice jump and exercise classes. 

Our Day Will Include: Two 1 1/4 hour on ice sessions depending on the package you choose, on ice and off ice games, indoor and outdoor sports (relay games, t-ball, four square, kickball, soccer) and Arts & Crafts. 
Lunch & Snack: Is available for an extra $75 (burgers & hot dogs, chicken fingers, fruit, yogurt, pastas, pizza, juices and milk). Full Day Campers Only! 

Any Questions: email - Laureen Valentino at laureenatproskate@gmail.com

*Campers need to bring: A bike helmet and wear shorts with comfortable long pants over them, thin gloves, a sweatshirt, jacket, t-shirt and thin socks and sneakers. For young skaters an extra set of clothes left in their bag for the week.